Young Adults in Mission

Young Adults in Mission (YAM) Work Camp

The YAM Work camp is hosted every three years by a Member Church. Participants are invited from all Member Churches, as well as Global Partners through the Council for World Mission, to be immersed in a foreign context for approximately 18 days to learn to live in community with one another, have a fresh understanding of what mission means to them and to engage in mission with the local context.

Each camp’s focal areas for mission vary according to the needs of the host church and country. Yammers are asked to create action plans for projects to be implemented on their return home and to share their experience with their home churches.

Our next YAM takes place in 2018! Stay tuned for details.

CANACOM Regional Young Adult Representative

The Caribbean and North America Council for Mission (CANACOM) has TWO (2) Regional Young Adult Representatives – one from North America and the other from the Caribbean. Their primary focus is that of representing the needs of young adults fostering networking and relationship building among young adults in the Council.

The term of office for a Young Adult Representative may range between 3 – 6 years, and the position is accorded to the candidate selected after the post is advertised (Council-wide).  The ideal candidates will be under 33 years at the time of initial application and MUST have ready access to internet and telephone.

Within their designated regions, each Young Adult Representative will be responsible for:

  • Promoting of youth activities in the denominations for dissemination and among the various Young Adult executives and boards within the Council
  • Collaborating with the other Representative to ensure that everyone is current with the events in the Council
  • Motivating young adults through the various denominational Executives and Youth boards to consider pursuing careers in ministry
  • Generating young adult interest in mission and ministry opportunities both local and regional.  This person would help to provide exposure to creative, practical and biblically sound methods of sharing mission an ministry.
  • Generating biannual updates (alternatively) to the Administrative Committee (and subsequently to Council) regarding young adult activities in the region

In the broader sphere, the Young Adult Reps will:

  • Serve on CANACOM’s Executive.
  • Offer their own services – as invited – for training/facilitation of sessions within the region and for specific programmes within their skill-sets
  • Give guidance to the Administrative Committee on ways in which the Council can best facilitate the needs of young adults in our Member Churches and the wider environs
  • Provide leadership and direction at the International Planning Committee level for Young Adults in Mission (YAM) Work Camps and other volunteer programmes as required

Please note the following:

  • YAM Work Camps occur every 3 years and last for approximately three (3) weeks.
  • Council Meetings occur every 2 years and last for approximately 10 days. The next Council Meeting will be from September 21 – 29, 2016 in Suriname.  As a member of the Administrative Committee, you will be expected to arrive on September 19, 2016.
  • CANACOM will offset all your expenses for YAM Work Camps and Council Meetings.

You may also be asked to assist with the following:

  • Identifying personnel – as required – for serving in the Sharing of People, whether as mission volunteers or as specialists in a given context
  • Establishing programmes geared at fostering inter and intra regional exchanges, which focus primarily on mission and stewardship
  • Encouraging the twinning of projects and young adult groups across the regional lines
  • Advising the Administrative Committee concerning ways in which CANACOM might best connect with unchurched young adults based on “best practices” of other churches and viable recommendations from our young people
  • Utilizing social media (Blogs, FaceBook, Twitter, etc) to promote CANACOM and connect young adults the TWO regions

If you are a member of one of our Member Churches and is interested in this position, please fill out the application form as per the link below:

CANACOM Regional Young Adult Representative Application_Final2016_Revised