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The Spirit lives to set us free a quote from a popular song. As we celebrate Pentecost (many say the birth of the church). I wonder how many of us have been set free by the Holy Spirit. Many of us are happy to talk about Jesus and Our Father, but not so much, about the Holy Spirit. Do come and ask me so hard questions about this

The Holy Spirit prompts us, helps us understand what we read in the Bible, directs us to step out and pray for someone and energises us to do God’s work. We can not do it on our own strength.

Harvest 2-10 pm

Coming? Thursday 8th June. Look out for Great food, Music and fun for the whole family.

This year we will have a Special Harvest service On

Sunday 11th June 10 am

Youth Worship Evening Sunday 25th June 23 5-6 pm

New, interactive, songs, prayer, and teaching come and shape our future. Do invite other young people.

Free Training: This is open to all, just book your place by the Sunday before. Minimum of 5 to run Sat 1-5 pm Certificate for full attendance

  • You done have to attend any Church
  • 15th July Leading a small group
  • 16th Sept Youth and Children

 Open Space

Thursdays 2.30-4pm


Any age (If under 16 you need your parents’ permission form.) Table games Craft Help with Maths and English Storytime If you can help with reading do come to read with someone

‘EXPLORE’                                         Theme: ‘Pictures of the Kingdom of God’

‘They Kingdom come they will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven’

  • Wednesday 4:30-5:30 pm live at the Church June – July
  • You can do any time with family or friends  
  • A Parable each week

Sent out on our WhatsApp group asking to be connected

If you have any you could give us do let us know. We want to plant flowers in them

Sunday Worship 10 am every Sunday

Weekly Children’s activity.  

2nd Sunday all together interactive service

Come as a family or on your own and check us out.

Let’s grow in faith together   If you want to pray or talk with someone do contact Rev Nigel Lindsay + 1 473 458


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