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I seem to be later writing this than normal and I am sorry. I am not sure where the time goes, they say it goes faster as you get older. Well on Christmas day I had been here for 16 months and next Wednesday will be 17. Lots has happened and opportunities have come and I hope and pray that each day I can make a small difference, but sometimes I expect more. My Walk around Grenada: I enjoyed it and I think went well. I was good for ecumenical relationships and for raising the profile of the Presbyterian Church. To date, we have raised over 17000 Eastern Caribbean Dollars and that will go a long way to help repair our Church. I hope then we will be in a better space to do more community activity. If you want to see more about the walk I can send you my 5 days’ Reflections each with a bible reference and a theme like; ‘Our Environment’ Just ask

Schools: They had 3 weeks holiday and we started back with a great Assembly at Mac Donald’s College I was invited to a staff meeting which I hope helped. I have since been asked to go into some classes to talk mostly about behaviour, but also to do some RE classes in the absence of a teacher on sick leave. Communication is not brilliant, but I try to go with the flow. At the primary school, I have done a couple of assemblies and last week saw 7 individual Children for guidance sessions.

It was great to have some teachers and their families walk with me from Victoria to Samaritan for the last bit. I attended my first staff meeting at the school and today one teacher joined me to help with the Youth group. Relationships between school and Church have been an issue and so this move is a good one.

Christmas Holidays: Christmas can be busy with more services and events, but we did not have too many. Attendance at Church was increased at some but could have been more. I took the 8 am service on Christmas day at Belair church and then came over for 10 am at Samaritan, swam, was invited to lunch and then a Zoom with my family in the UK. We tried again the carol singing the week before but only one area was successful, it could be a good venue for an outreach informal service.

I got invited to a meal with others at the Bishop’s house in St Georges, which was pleasant. I did a bit of walking to different beaches and swam at one I had not done before. I am still playing pickerball on Monday nights. Not so good at it but it is a good night out. I love to hear from people and enjoy the Zoom chats I have with people from the UK and other places. I am always happy to Zoom into your group to be interviewed or give a talk about my experiences in this great Country. Having had my sister and her friend visit if you choose to come, I can accommodate you and give you some experience of Rural Grenada you would not experience in a hotel.

Training: I have now led two 4-hour training sessions one in November and one last Sat. Pastoral care and one on Worship leading. I hope to do a Youth and Children one in March and a Leadership in May  

I think I will be back in the UK for a couple of months from Oct and so do contact to arrange talks, visits and services.

God bless your 2023

Rev Nigel Lindsay +144 7917 222304   Best +1 473 458 1932 Both What app   Follow on Facebook page: ‘Rev Nigel – Grenada’


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