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Just a few weeks until Easter. Time goes so fast and I have now been here for over 18th months, half the time I agreed to come for in the first place. Who knows what will happen in the next 18 months? Well, God knows and has a plan. I pray he walks with you on your Easter Journey. 

Holiday in St Lucia 15th – 22nd Feb  

I had a good week away on another island in some ways very similar, but in other ways more touristy (or maybe that was because I was a tourist). The roads are wider and lots of hilly volcanic bits in the middle. I stayed in 3 locations making my way back down to the airport in the south. I enjoyed a walk around Pigeon Island in the north, climbing hills and going the wrong way.

The hot waterfall with different pools was also good and I am sorry I did not get back for a second dip. I did some reading and reflection; it is always good to get away from your base to reflect and come back with new ideas.   Schools: This term has been the Sports term and sports days are big community events going on late. In the past, I am told they finished at sunset, but now they have floodlights they go on. The Mac Donald’s sports day, I didn’t leave until 9 pm and it started at 1 pm. (well when I say started it didn’t start until about 2.30 pm) Alexander House won. The Primary sports are slightly lower key, but still with many supporters.

I try to walkabout and chat to people as I am not so good at staying in the guest tent.

This Term I have been trying to teach RE to the first years. The teacher has been off sick. Each week I prepare and sheet I can give out and so if I cannot get to class, they have something to read or make into an airplane. It is a Challenge with students coming in and out of class, the noise from other classes and the few disruptive ones.

I still greet students and teachers coming and going. I am still trying to run Pray and Praise on Thursday mornings where I get one or two. I wander at Lunch and break time have some chats and become a bit of a policeman as there appears to be no supervision. Occasionally students will come and talk to me about issues. Assemblies are a challenge and sometimes don’t take place.           

At the Primary school, I continue to do assemblies although again disrupted by sports. Some of the young people I see for individual sessions have now improved and so I have started to see some new people. As I am not being used so much at the Secondary School, I will start to have some extra sessions at the primary as they tend to use me more. After the 6 grade transition exams I hope to do some guidance lessons with them.

Building work: Following my walk around the island we have raised about 20.000 Eastern Caribbean Dollars. At the end of Jan, we started the work on our building and what we can afford has now been completed.

Still, some more to be done. My thanks to all who supported me in some way. The floor is now one level so people do not trip down. The roof is watertight, with netting to stop bats coming in. The window brackets are replaced so we can open windows. (More pictures to come)  The toilet’s crumbling roof is repaired and a mess at the windows to stop bats. The inside of the building has been painted. A relative of a member sent new fans and they are now up. The outside of the building is awaiting painting by our neighbours I hope soon.  

Youth Group: I continue to run on Wed 3-4 pm after school. It is a challenge with sometimes arguments from school spilling over. This week a mum came and helped and that was good we got to the end. Some of the young people are keen to pray, they seem to enjoy the games and seem to engage in the discussion and enjoy the snacks. I hope we can do more and go and do outings but I do need a reliable helper. Family Time: We have now run two out of the building up in a community called Fountain. It is good to get out and have people singing, dancing and engaging in a bible story on the streets.

Sunday Challenge: Someone has now agreed to lead Sunday school from after Easter. So, My Sunday challenge will stop. But Young people are involved on Sundays.

Training: I am planning for Youth and Children’s work training on Sat 1-5 pm. I am not sure who will come yet

My thanks to those who have Zoomed me or have had a WhatsApp call with it is great to talk and hear your news. Remember visits to the beautiful island are possible.    

I think I will be back in the UK for a couple of months from Oct and so do contact to arrange talks, visits, and services.

God bless your 2023

Rev Nigel Lindsay +144 7917 222304   Best +1 473 458 1932 Both What app   Follow on Facebook page: to see photos  ‘Rev Nigel – Grenada’


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